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When the sun goes down at the world's leading business school, the faculty speak their minds. Listen in as they dish on everything from the NRA, to pornography, to free trade, to how to buy happiness... and many more topics at the intersection of business and culture. It's entertaining, insightful, funny and NO MBA REQUIRED! You can subscribe to HBS After Hours on Apple Podcasts, StitcherGoogle Play, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to podcasts. (NOTE: This podcast is currently on hiatus and will return in the fall.)


Apr 2, 2018

In this episode, Youngme talks to Professor Frances Frei, who was hired by Uber last year to help rebuild a broken culture. Frances describes how toxic the culture at Uber actually was (01:50) and how she dealt with difficult work scenarios (08:19). She also talks about what should be done about “bad people doing bad things” (15:10) and the link between strategy and culture (22:10). Plus, she gives a behind-the-scenes look at preparing for her TED talk (25:10).